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Hair Extensions

Are you stuck at that in-between stage? Lost your patience waiting for your hair to grow! Do you want to add volume, or maybe colour to your hair?

Why not consider Natural looking hair extensions

At Plus Two we offer a complete hair extension service, whether it’s a full head of extensions you require or just one or two, our trained staff will be happy to advise you and now with extensions starting at just £4.00 each, there could not be a better time to try them.

Hair extensions are a versatile way of adding length, volume or colour to your own hair you can instantly have the style you want while your own hair grows to the desired length and with a little respect added to your hair care routine you can style your hair as normal.

The change of look can be subtle or dramatically different but the effect is totally natural.

Free Consultation

If you are considering hair extensions you should initially attend the salon for a free of charge consultation. At this consultation, with the help of a stylist you will complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask questions about the condition of your own hair and also about your lifestyle to ascertain your suitability to hair extensions.

At this consultation you will also be shown different types of hair extensions and with the stylist you can decide which extensions are going to most closely blend in with your own hair, and an appointment will be made for you to have your extensions. This can be quite a lengthy process so your stylist will advise you as to approximately how long you will need to be in the salon.

Hair Extension Maintenance

To maintain your extensions in the best possible condition it will be necessary to spend lots of extra time on your hair so it is important that you read the maintenance page after carefully, as you must be prepared to follow the advice and procedures if you are going to have hair extensions.

We do not guarantee every extension, top ups are necessary to maintain the look.

We can provide hair extensions which range from:

  •  Hair Extensions
  •  Racoon Hair Extensions
  •  Extensions to add body, colour, length and texture to your hair

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